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We're passionate about getting more people into nature and to start exploring the wealth of beauty we have on our doorstep.


The impacts of being in nature on mental and physical health have been known for a long time, but only now have these benefits been quantified. Just 2 hours a week spent in a green space can significantly and consistently increase health and well-being levels.

To inspire and empower busy Londoners to pursue more adventure on home soil we are hosting a series of talks allowing experienced adventurers to share their stories of balancing a hectic city life with the green world outside of London.

We also have a team of experts from a range of adventure activities who will be on hand to answer any questions on their specific subject.


Get to Know Us

Izzy Bristol Profile


Water Baby

Happiest around water, growing up I tried any sport that gave me the chance to be in or on it. Unfortunately due to recent injuries, these sports have been inaccessible, so I've turned my head to finding new ways to fulfil the missing adrenaline rush. Outdoor and cold water swimming have quickly become my new favourite hobbies - so watch out for meet-ups in and around London.

Kinga Pecack Profile


Resident Monkey

I originally hail from Chicago but felt like a change so moved to the UK last year. I love the mountains, whether it be bouldering, snowboarding or hiking and I used to teach climbing back in the States. I am keen to get more women into climbing in the UK, so let me know if you're in London and looking for a climbing buddy.



Chief Adventure Officer

I am passionate about learning about myself and building a life around what really works for me. Originally a London boy I've spent much time in Ugandan countryside and it was here I realised the peace that being in nature can bring to you. It is only recently that I have realised that adventure doesn't have to been going abroad - there is an abundance on my doorstep. I am always curious and love new experiences so am happy to give anything a go.

Jordan Jones Profile


Fire Starter

Ever the intrepid explorer as a kid, some of my fondest memories come from camping outdoors; whether it be in the woods, along rivers or by the coastline. There is something truly satisfying about immersing in nature. I’m also a massive fan of bushcraft and the primitive skills that have long been forgotten by many. Inspired by the likes of Ray Mears and Bear Grylls who have made me want to get outside and build shelters by myself. Thankfully that passion is still there and I hope to incorporate more adventures into my day to day life in the city.

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